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Some people have asked about donations, so you'll notice I put a link on the bottom of the page. I pay costs of running ect.org and the message board out of my own pocket, and do appreciate small donations to help cover those costs. You can also simply shop Amazon through ect.org and the site will receive a small commission.

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At some point, I hope to start a foundation that will provide legal assistance for individuals who are receiving ECT against their will. Attorneys who know how to handle this kind of case and don't mind working for free (financially, but you'll be repaid tenfold in gratitude) are always encouraged to contact me to help out on cases around the US and Canada.

It seems many people have a wish list at Amazon and other online shops. If a Donald Trump type is looking for some great things to do with spare money,
here is my wish list:

Fighting forced ECT

1. A foundation to provide legal assistance to individuals receiving ECT against their will. My dream is that we would provide training to lawyers who volunteer some time, and they would learn more about the issue of forced ECT, and then be able to step in when someone needs help. In these cases, there are two crucial factors: time and money. When a patient finds out a doctor is going to force ECT, quite often there is only a day or two to fight back. Additionally, I've yet to encounter a person in this situation who has the money to hire an attorney. Elderly women on Medicare are at highest risk, although it can happen to anyone.

And of course experts (psychiatrists willing to buck the system) are needed to be on hand to testify, another huge expense, because it means flying someone in on a moment's notice.

Pets & People

2. A number of programs exist to bring unwanted pets and individuals together, but I'd like to see an organization that provides funding for persons who are disabled, and the elderly. People on fixed incomes rarely have money for extras, and a pet is an extra. Yet for many, pets bring the kind of companionship and unconditional love that can vastly improve the quality of life of the individual who is disabled, and of course the elderly. My wish is that a foundation could provide pet food and veterinary care at a nominal cost (through foundation money and a cooperative arrangement with pet food companies and vets), as well as provide foster homes for the pets if the owner needs hospitalization. And of course this would create new homes for unwanted animals.


3. Finally, a program offering alternative and advanced education for persons who have undergone ECT is my final wish. Many of the education and rehab programs are geared for persons who are lower functioning. Many ECT patients find that they are unable to continue the work they did before, yet they already have college degrees. This dream foundation would provide grants and scholarships for individuals needing to reeducate, or those wanting to pursue advanced degrees.

That's my New Year's List for this year. :)